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By Michael Rosen on April 18, 2009 11:28 AM | 0 Comments | 0 TrackBacks

I made a pilgrimage to Long Island. A few Sundays ago, driving east (not on my bicycle), with a copy of What Else But Home rubber banded to a letter I'd written to Peter Matthiessen. Telling him I'd carried The Snow Leopard and Michael Herr's Dispatches dog-eared in my backpack for a year after business left me, post 9-11. Both books are transcendent. I hoped, if I touched them long enough, understood how Matthiessen and Herr painted their words across a sentence, a paragraph and page, I'd find the way to write a beautiful book growing from my own sense of pace, cadence. I left "What Else But Home, the letter, on a doorstep outside a zendo, requesting a blurb. I'd written my phone number and email. Mr. Matthiessen hasn't responded. Maybe he's traveling now. I told him how much I've admired his lifetime of writing. Maybe he doesn't respond to silly packages left anonymously on zendo steps. I wish he would, but the book is coming out August 3rd regardless. It rained the day after I set the package down, and I hope the tape at the top of the envelope held.

New design launched using Movable Type

By Michael Rosen Words on April 14, 2009 5:16 PM | 0 Comments

Our web site is sporting a new look and feel thanks to Movable Type and the Professional Template Set. The Professional Template Set makes it possible for just about anyone to get up and running with a new web site using Movable Type. It is literally as easy as just a few clicks. Just pick a new for your web site, select the Professional Template Set and publish. Then viola! a new web site. Thank you Movable Type!


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