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I don't understand book sales. And IF you do, please write and let me know how it all works. It's hard enough to write a book, but after that... ?!

But two sweet photographs...

My friend Gee Gee Swing sent this photo of the Barnes & Noble storefront...

for Mother's Day, from the Cherryvale Mall, in Rockford Illinois. What Else But Home is a lovely Mother's Day gift,,,, and the idea isn't mine.

Okay, so I'm biased. Gee Gee is a one person What Else But Home hand selling miracle. And a bird watcher.

And Daniel Bell (you might remember Daniel from my book), sent me this...

Look at the left side of this Lives & Letters table in the front of the Union Square store, here in New York.

My dad and I went over to the store after Daniel sent me the photograph. My dad was so proud, he said to the guard by the door, "My son wrote that book." I'm 53. My dad is 77. I never get tired of the approval.

Happy pre-Mother's Day !


Is that (my title) a touch dramatic? On May 1, Carlos tries out for the Washington Wild Things, in Washington, Pennsylvania. That's Todd Marlin's team. They're a member of the Frontier League.

And then on to the Frontier League tryout, in West Lake, Ohio. Carlos, if you're reading this,,, TIME to REGISTER!! Click HERE.

This is Morgan...

And this is the statue outside the stadium where Morgan's high school team was about to play. Yesterday, in perfect spring weather. The afternoon light didn't allow me to take a photo of the front of the statue. So baseball and Civil Rights folk,,,, what moment in American history is here.... ?

Keyspan Park, minor league baseball in Coney Island. Morgan's high school team plays one game in this stadium each season. Morgan plays center field. He's a team captain.

High school baseball, sunshine and blue sky, errors and beauty. Morgan's team won by one run in extra innings. Determination, misplay, grace. There's an innocence in these games, focusing in moments to a sublime.

Dr. Warren Hammerschag looked after Carlos' hand. Clay Snellgrove and Todd Marlin have been touchstones of help. Debrah Charatan, John & Lorna Howard - thank you for your support. Carlos couldn't be headed this way without you. Each of you.

And this is me, doing my pregame warmups....


I am in China. In Weihai, Shandong Province. My friend Kit Kung is in partnership with Weihai Houdong Automation Co, Ltd., and I'm watching them build the industrial future. I've not visited China for nearly a decade, and anything about extraordinary, mind-defying progress I could say has been said by so many others. But it is... -- Mr. Tang Xhixian, Chairman, and Mr. Ning Youwei, General Manager, treated me to a banquet tonight, and it was.

Mr. Tang Shixian:
China - Tang Shixian.jpg

What Else But Home has been banned ! Banned. A Parent Group in a New York City public school, proud of their school, dedicated to their children and familiar with the story of education my book tells, invited me to a reading there. They wanted to organize it in the school library, and to involve two other schools sharing the same building. BUT the principal banned my book. He forbid the reading.

I write about this school in What Else But Home. I deeply respected the principal there, who has moved on since our children were young. That principal and the teachers built an important school, a good place of learning for our neighborhood children.

And the new principal? What is the lesson he is teaching our children, and our community?

This is part of the school's mission: "Tompkins Square Middle School (TSMS) is a learning community with high academic standards dedicated to fostering ethical, caring, self-reflective, and critical thinkers. Relationships and communication among staff, students, and parents are at the core of our community. TSMS celebrates the diversity of all its members, supports their different learning styles, and encourages them to express their individuality and pursue their interests. Community members are challenged to analyze different points of view and build skills within a meaningful context. " (emphasis added)

Did I say the name of the school?

Sonhando Estwick - did I say the name of the Principal?

So I'm going to reach out to our local press. And to some of our locally elected representatives. Such as NYC Councilmember Rosie Mendez, who hosted my book reading at the National Arts Club. And to some of the people in the larger school community, to get an understanding from them about book banning. And I will read from What Else But Home on the school steps of Tompkins Square Middle School, because I do not believe that books should be banned, nor ideas forbidden.

Carlos update: Dr. Warren Hammerschlag examined Carlos' hand. Carlos needs a MRI, but he'll wait for his insurance to become active before getting it. In the meantime, Warren says Carlos can swing a bat, but to tape up his hand.

Clay Snellgrove has arranged for two managers from Frontier League teams to watch Carlos at the May tryout.

And Todd Marlin has arranged the same with his team.

So Carlos couldn't ask for more, now. Now is in his and Greater hands.

Love, Michael


This is the best we can be....


Opening day, high school baseball, endless blue sky, comforting warmth after winter, pitchers and batters, fly balls and line drives. Heroes and errors. Strike outs, dropped balls and safe slides at home.

That's Morgan at bat, he's captain of his Brooklyn Friends School team, like Ripton was last year. The game was beautiful. The promises of youth, life without time. The field also held a hole for me, like a movie missing an actor. Ripton has been playing third or first base the past four seasons for Brooklyn Friends.

Some updates... Carlos has hurt his right hand at the base of his thumb. Clay Snellgrove--who played Minor League ball for the Padres for four years, up to Triple A, then played in the Frontier League for two years, including winning the batting title (Carlos is trying out in the Frontier League)--has been speaking with Carlos about getting ready, helping make introductions, consulting on baseball realities. Clay is now an author (The Ball Player) and runs a Bases Loaded, a baseball and softball school for kids.

Carlos went to Dr. Warren Hammerschlag, an old friend, a hand surgeon, an orthopedic specialist - Warren saw Carlos today through the goodness of his heart. Warren, THANK YOU !

Carlos' hand hurts. Nothing definitive yet. He'll tape it up and keep batting.

Tryouts start May 1

and America...



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