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My friend Bill is harnessing the sun...

...as in Solar energy. This are heliostats - ala Buckminster Fuller & the structural principle of Tensegrity. Bill has patented and tested his mirror arrays in Vermont the past few years. The energy output is there, the price is cost competitive.

Bill is my oldest friend, from 7th grade. We took the same classes - he did better - and Bill was our high school Valedictorian, a Dartmouth graduate, graduate work first at The University of Iowa then a Rhodes Scholar who finished his Oxford PhD and went off to alleviate hunger and poverty in Africa. Where he lived for a good many years, helped pioneer Internet research, made a business of that, sold it and "retired" back to Vermont. Where he is raising a family and, with the inevitability of a relentless mind, has turned his entire ground floor then his entire yard then a big old industrial space into a business pioneering a particular type of solar mirror.

So, can we talk ? - do YOU need a 1000 gallons of hot water a day? Do you own or run a college, university, private country high school, brewery, food processing company, a resort, hotel, restaurant, spa or any other user of a good deal of hot water ?


Bill is looking for a test site to install 15 heliostats that will produce 1000 gallons of hot water a day. He's one of the brightest, most honest and competent people I've ever met. He'd make the opportunity worth your economic interest.

You can say, "They should make solar energy work better," or you help do that...
Heliostat Side View.JPG

email me at rosen@michaelrosenwords. com - if you have an interest, or ideas.


So... Merry Christmas ! I'm at Everyman. With Eric Jesus Grimm and the neighbors. I took photos along 13th Street this morning, On my way.


a community garden...

a sidewalk wish...

and a Savior

someone's fantasy (last night)

someone's nightmare - and we're all alive, till we're not

and a hero. Pee Wee has nothing over Eric, and Everyman - Sam & Sarah and here...


a homage

and Sam's note - here @ Everyman

So, Thank you for being here. Where Christmas cookies are free, where the coffee is better than good, where Eric's 5 hour Holiday playlist is made with thought, where we want to be good, and cared about. And have a place to be. Just like you.


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