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Do that today, if you can, walk the block bound by Bedford Avenue, Sullivan Place, McKeever Place, and Montgomery Street. My favorite baseball team plays there. They're in Vero Beach now, getting ready for Summer.

Sandy Koufax and Tommy Lasorda are kids. Carl Erskine, Don Newcombe, Clem Labine will each have a year. Roy Campanella. Gil Hodges. Carl Furillo. Pee Wee Reese. Jackie Robinson. Duke Snider died today - the last of The Boys of Summer.


It's just an apartment building complex now, but from Opening Day in 1913 till Robert Moses drove another nail into soul of New York, 1960, Ebbets Field...

was baseball.

Roger Kahn will say it best. Something happened today.

Baseball left New York, for me, when the Steinbrenners were miserable to a man who deserved no misery, who West to manage in LA. I'm too young, only by a touch, for the Dodgers in Brooklyn.

But I do know that was baseball in immortality.

Walk that block in Brooklyn. Tell the kids you see that the stadium was there, and the best baseball that was ever played will always be played there. Just close your eyes, and listen.

They're there...

And all the others.

111 & 1111 & Murakami

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If Murakami kept seeing the same thing...

Perhaps the clock would say...

I have a passion for fountain pens. They're not disposable in a disposable world. I used to have a passion for fancy pens, gold nibs, beautiful designs. I'd look at them, pass by the window and store displays. Lots of money.

Then I found Muji, the Japanese department store group that makes everything you'd want for your home, your office, for outside your home and everything else, and without logos, and simply. Muji makes steel tipped fountain pens, with extra fine nibs, out of plastic and aluminum, the same as in soda cans, but not flimsy, not disposable.

I'm sure this pen is made by Sailor, but it's sold by Muji, without any company ID, & it's my favorite...

But Muji doesn't sell this aluminum type of fountain pen here in the US. They sell this pen...

It's plastic, and it leaks !

I went to Muji's store on West 19th Street over the weekend, and the staff person said they couldn't help, but he gave me this person's business card at Muji, and told me to reach out and let them know...

I have to do that, I will - I hope. And for anyone who cares about inks, these aren't the fanciest - 3 bottles here of Noodler's Ink - but they're fun. And finishing even one bottle will take - well... - years. They're filled to the top!


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