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fish before.jpg

fish after.jpg

Isn't GOOD ! ~ a moment from Lie Yue Mun.

Judy wants fish only to sing:
Judy Rhodes fish.jpeg

And Judy's new granddaughter...
Sneed baby.jpeg

As my Grandpa Phil would say, "May G-d bless."

A day or two...

By Michael Rosen on February 9, 2012 8:59 AM | 0 TrackBacks

I've not been able to quite imagine what an "Effectual Building" is...
Feb 12 - building name.jpg

"Empire State" or "Chysler" or "World Trade Center" I understand, but "Effectual" ?

Desert as pet.
Feb 12 - desert as pet.jpg
The thorns are sharp.

The pink lady with the pink dog.
Feb 12 pink lady and dog.jpg

I see many people carrying very big see-through bags of this...

and my friend Brian had these two books on his nightstand. Good taste.
Feb 12 WEBH and Gladwell.jpg


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