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By Michael Rosen on April 27, 2012 1:13 AM | 0 TrackBacks

I'm writing a novel
writing a novel 1.jpg

and editing and editing and editing...
writing a novel 2.jpg

Kacper is playing a fake Steinway & Sons piano in an astounding (fake) Beijing furniture store...
Kacper piano.jpg

My parents are eating Peking Roast Duck with friends...
M&D duck.jpg

These young men and nearby women are dispersing through Asia to spend years converting others who don't believe what they believe is right to believe...

I want to write something beautiful that touches and more;
Kacper can and will;
Shirley and Howard were there;
These young men and the young women nearby believe those who don't believe what they believe are less than they are, and should be saved. That's the assumption of superiority that war, imperialism and pomposity spring from.

I'd go for music, reading and eating with loved ones - with an appropriate nod to vegetarian grandeur.

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